Backflow Protector Assembly - What is it?

A Backflow Protector Assembly provides safe, clean drinking water by not allowing undesirable water to "backflow" into your clean water system. All local Governments demand these devices be installed and routinely inspected by a qualified, licensed professional like BackFlow AguaMan. While they aren't very attractive looking they are a necessary component of a safe environment. You can depend on our quality and years of experience to assist you in any way with your Backflow Protector Assembly.

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Backflow Protector With One of Our Enclosures

One of the many installations of a Backflow Protector Assembly by BackFlow AguaMan at a complex. This installation benefits from one of our protective covers, an exclusive manufactured product by BackFlow AguaMan.  The cover provides protection of the backflow assembly from the elements and medaling by children who love to play on these important devices. The cover also provides for a much faster and cost effective annual inspection required by local government. The cover has a secure door attached once the work is completed.... it also makes everything in the neighborhood look much better.

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Vertical Backflow Assembly

Backflow protectors come in a variety of types dependent upon the requirments of your facility. BackFlow AguaMan has the State License and experience to determine your needs as required by local government. We are here to help you with all of your needs when it comes to Backflow protection, including your required annual inspections, new installations and repairs.

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Our Custom Fiberglass Enclosures Provide Many Benefits Including Freeze Protection!

As one of our custom fiberglass enclosures is lowered into place it (right photo), will leave us with a sense of a job well done! Make sure to inquire about one of our fiberglass enclosures for your Backflow Protector Assembly. The benefits? Protection of a device that insures clean drinking water, freeze protection, looks much better than exposed piping, prevents tampering and provides for a much faster and cleaner annual government inspection. If you want to learn more just Contact Us!

Freeze Update... the three images below show that freeze wrapping of these Backflow Protector Assemblies failed, cracking ... becoming damaged due to freezing weather conditions that the South received this winter. We are happy to report that all of our Custom Fiberglass Enclosures protected the expensive Backflow Protector Assemblies! Contact us today if you need repairs to your Backflow Protector Assembly or want to improve the environment of your current Backflow Protector Assembly by installing one of our Custom Fiberglass Enclosure's.


How Can We Help?

BackFlow AguaMan is here to help with all of your needs when it comes to clean water backflow protection. While Backflow Protection may not be a common topic of conversation in your daily life it sure provides protection for you and the people you care about on a daily basis. When you find yourself in need of a new installation, repair or government inspection of your Backflow Protector, make sure to contact the company with both experience and necessary state license.... BackFlow AguaMan.

Specifications: You can click here to find a list of specifications for our Geaux Box Back Flow Protector available exclusively from us.